SP Fresh History

Water is a main source of life. Without water, there would be no life,. Water is essential to good health, and after oxygen it is the second-most important substance for our body. In fact, the human body is composed of approximately 50-70% water.

It helps regulate body temperature, carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, remove waste, dissolve minerals and other nutrients. For a healthy living it is estimated that we have to consume at an average of two to six litres a day.SP fresh produces good quality of distilled and purified water.

Located at foothills of alagarkoil, the plant gets its best source of water for purification. With the help of latest technologies we tend to provide quality products to our customers.

We are one of the foremost Mineral Water suppliers, offering worthy products. Durable, reliable and trustworthy are some salient features of our mineral water plant. We provide exclusive range of products at reasonable price.

SP fresh waters are sold in a variety of packages 250ml packets, 500ml bottles, 1 litre bottles, 2 litre bottles and 20 litre cans.

Bulk booking is available. We provide packaged drinking waters to colleges, schools, marriage functions, meetings and more.